'The new Obama': will Abdul El-Sayed be America's first Muslim governor?

t seven years old, Abdul El-Sayed sat in the eye of Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive hurricane in US history until Katrina. Living near Miami, El-Sayed drank juice while swaddled under mattresses between his father and stepmother, who was holding El-Sayed’s newborn baby brother just home from the hospital.

The 1992 storm had taken an unexpected turn southward, and the El-Sayeds could not be evacuated. The wind made an awful rattling sound on the screens.


The front door blew in. The wind and the rain whipped into the house, “as if the ocean was coming at you”.

El-Sayed’s father, Mohamed, crawled on his stomach to shut the door, the rain whipping his face, the wind beating his body. The eye of the storm passed directly over them and the National Guard eventually evacuated them.


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TWITTER • November 17

Right now, we need a set of solutions that reminds us that people should be the core of what we do in government. #ForOurFuture

TWITTER • November 17

The needs of real people are more important than the needs of corporations.

TWITTER • November 17

Government was meant to solve problems - not make them.

Wayne State University Town Hall

Tuesday, October 24th 6-7PM

Join us at Wayne State University to learn more about Abdul's platform and speak with him about the issues facing our state. The event will be held in the auditorium of the Purdy-Kresge library from 6-7PM and is open to the public. 

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'The new Obama': will Abdul El-Sayed be America's...

EMU Town Hall

Monday, October 23rd 6-7PM

The EMU College Democrats will host a Town Hall with Abdul on Monday October 23rd at 6pm. The Event will be in the EMU Student Center, rm 310B, and is open to the public.