For Immediate Release: Abdul El-Sayed Surges in Latest Public Poll


June 29, 2018

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For Immediate Release: Abdul El-Sayed Surges in Latest Public Poll

DETROIT, Mich. — On Thursday, MIRS News released a new Democratic gubernatorial primary poll showing a surge in support for Dr. Abdul El-Sayed's candidacy for Michigan Governor. Since the last public poll of this race in April, Abdul's support has nearly tripled, pulling him into a virtual tie for second place and showing a clear path to victory on August 7th.

The MIRS poll shows Abdul in a very competitive position with stronger support among voters of color than any other candidate in the race despite, in our opinion, over-sampling older white voters (in particular union members) and under-sampling young voters and voters of color, in particular Arab American voters in the state with the largest per capita Arab-American community in the country.

"This campaign is about diverse people coming together to break the corporate chokehold on our politics. It’s fueled by the contributions of grassroots donors and the hard work of over 4000 volunteers - a people-powered movement that has been doing the work of democracy in communities across the state.

This poll, which shows our support tripling since the last public poll in April, is proof that our movement is starting to catch fire. The numbers also show that our message is really resonating with Michiganders of color, proving that Abdul is the best candidate to fire up the Democratic base and take back Lansing from corporate politicians."

-- Adam Joseph, Communications Director

Abdul for Michigan is currently outspending self-funding millionaire Shri Thanedar 13:1 on TV in the Flint and Detroit media markets through July 10th and plan to expand to the Grand Rapids market in the coming days, with a robust digital ad program in conjuction.

Meanwhile, Thanedar’s television advertising has dropped to next to nothing thru July 10th, with just $32,000 spread statewide after months of spending $250,000/week. Additionally, the steady release of controversial stories surrounding Thanedar’s past business practices and recent Republican activism appear extremely salient to key progressive voter blocs like young voters, Black voters, and progressive white voters, including Thanedar’s apparent vote for anti-choice Republican extremist Rick Santorum in the 2012 Republican primary and the current and past accusations of fraud in his past businesses.

Our campaign is confident that if voters see and hear these troubling stories, young voters, progressives and voters of color will quickly move to Abdul as their candidate of choice.

Primaries to date from 2018 like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's stunning victory have shown that the blue wave benefits progressive candidates by turning out less frequent voters, including young voters, voters of color, and progressives. In Michigan, we're confident that the same playbook will carry Abdul to victory. Not only has Abdul inspired thousands of young people to get involved in our campaign, and not only has Abdul jumped to first place among Black voters, but the historic nature of his candidacy promises to dramatically increase turnout among Arab American and Muslim voters. 

With allies of the campaign amplifying our messages and conveying the truth about Shri to voters, we are confident that we have the ability to turn out the vote for Abdul on August 7th and make him the next governor of Michigan in November. No other campaign has a ground game that comes close to ours. To date, the Abdul for Michigan campaign has knocked on over 150,000 doors, made over 150,000 phone calls, sent over 1 million peer-to-peer text messages to voters, and held over 1,000 volunteer events in every corner of the state, with five weeks still left to go and our numbers starting to rapidly increase each week. Based on our assessments, Shri Thanedar's campaign has virtually no volunteers, and Gretchen Whitmer's campaign has very few. Our message that appeals to voters who made have skipped voting in recent elections and our ground game is what makes Abdul the most electable candidate in November.

Finally, we anticipate seeing more support among women voters in particular, who are the most reliable Democratic primary voters in Michigan, than outside observers might assume. Counterintuitively, Whitmer performs significantly better among men than women. This may reflect the fact that she has strong support among unions dominated by white men, or that women overall tend to be more progressive than men. Regardless of the cause, this poll confirms our on-the-ground experience that many women are not sold on Whitmer, with 65 percent of women either undecided or supporting a candidate other than Whitmer.

Combined, all of these factors together paint a picture of an electorate ripe for an upset by a transformative candidate—a candidate who is both the best candidate as defined by the electorate, and the candidate best positioned to expand the electorate by inspiring and turning out unlikely primary voters.

As one final indicator of how our campaign is catching fire, Abdul this week joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo to discuss the future of the Democratic Party on Cuomo Prime Time. Watch the full interview with Chris Cuomo HERE.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is running for governor to make state government work for all Michiganders, not just the privileged few. Abdul is a Rhodes scholar, physician and public health expert who, as Detroit’s health commissioner, launched a program to ensure every child who needed one got a free pair of glasses. Abdul is running on a platform of bold, progressive ideas to address gaping inequality between the rich and poor, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, passing Medicare for All to guarantee health care as a right, and making college tuition- and debt-free for families earning less than $150,000 a year.


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For Immediate Release: Abdul El-Sayed Surges in Latest Public Poll


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