Abdul's Platform in 20 Points: 

  1. Fight inequality in all forms
  2. Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour
  3. Implement state-level single-payer healthcare 
  4. Protect a woman’s right to choose and eliminate the gender pay gap
  5. Never accept a dime of corporate money and get the money out of politics 
  6. Rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges
  7. Make college tuition free for families earning under $150K & Reinvest in public education
  8. End the profit motive in public education 
  9. Reform auto insurance to reduce costs while protecting people
  10. Fund and implement universal Pre-Kindergarten 
  11. Amend civil rights legislation to enumerate protections for LGBTQ+ Michiganders
  12. Reform our criminal justice system & tackle mass incarceration and police violence
  13. Aggressive action on climate, environmental justice, and no new fossil fuel infrastructure
  14. Legalize marijuana
  15. Fight for clean water for all and shut down Enbridge’s Line 5
  16. Tackle the opioid epidemic through comprehensive mental health reform
  17. Stand with labor to end Right to Work and protect Prevailing Wage
  18. Provide high-speed broadband internet to every community in Michigan and protect net neutrality
  19. Support child and elderly care for Michiganders
  20. End gerrymandering and legislative term limits and reinstate FOIA for public officials


The Abdul for Michigan Policy Plans: 

MichCare - Our expansive, ambitious plan for Medicare-for-all in Michigan

Schools For Our Future - Our education policy to De-Devos Michigan, ensure tuition free debt free college, and develop universal Pre-K

Reverse the Rates - Our plan to cut auto insurance rates, end redlining, and eliminate the exploitation of Michigan's drivers

Cities for Our Future - Our Urban Agenda

Revitalizing Rural Michigan - Our Rural Agenda

Potholes, Pipes, and Pollution - Our plan to fix Michigan's ailing Infrastructure

Gun Safety - Our plan to reform gun policy in Michigan

Water Policy - Our guarantee to ensure every Michigander has access to clean water and that we protect our Great Lakes 

"MI-Fi" - Our Internet for All plan to expand broadband, ensure net neutrality

Renew MichiganOur plan to encourage clean energy and green jobs in Michigan


An Economy that Works for Everyone

The fruits of American labor have been enjoyed by too few for too long. We must take what has made Michigan the backbone of American industry – skilled workers, strong minds, and ceaseless ingenuity – and create an economy that supports small businesses, prioritizes workers, and brings Michigan forward as a leader in the movement for a more equitable, more innovative America. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Protecting our workers 

  • Nobody should have to work two or three jobs in order to support their family and live a dignified life, and nobody working 40 hours a week should live in poverty. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • It’s more important than ever to protect the right of workers to unionize and bargain with their employers. I will push for right-to-bargain legislation that will make it easier for workers to organize and harder for employers to bust unions. 
  • It is time that we start treating our workers as well as we treat corporations. That is why, as governor, I will fight to increase Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit, pass fair scheduling laws, reinstate prevailing wage, mandate paid sick leave, and create a paid family leave insurance program.  
  • As governor, I will stand up to the federal government whenever necessary to protect Michigan workers and our economy from unfair federal trade deals — especially when China and other countries hurt American workers through off-shoring. ​

Investing in small business 

  • Our overinvestment in attracting and retaining big corporations is hurting entrepreneurs. I will champion policies that not only provide direct assistance to established small businesses but partner with cities and counties to develop the supports necessary to grow their core and emerging industries by investing in local businesses. 
  • Health care costs can be crushing for small businesses and their employees. That is why my single-payer health care plan, MichCare, will exempt the vast majority of small businesses from having to pay MichCare’s gross receipts tax. 
  • State regulations present some of the biggest hurdles for new entrepreneurs. I will launch a thorough review of all of Michigan’s regulatory codes to find ways to streamline our processes and reduce the barriers that prevent Michiganders from starting and growing their own small businesses. 
  • I will work hard to attract venture capital funding to support our budding startup culture and provide desperately needed investment in our most overlooked entrepreneurs: women, people of color, and rural residents.

Building a more equitable economy

Reinvest in Public Education

Our public education system has been ravaged by disinvestment and profiteering. The DeVos agenda has created a profit motive in our education system, and while companies profit, our children are neglected. Now is the time to think big and rebuild a system that for too long has robbed Michiganders of the opportunities they deserve and made it harder – not easier – for our children to have better lives. We need schools for our future, and as governor I will fight to guarantee every Michigan child access to the best public education imaginable, from pre-K to postgrad. 

  • Michigan’s schools can be engines of equality in our state but only if we hold them accountable. We must de-DeVos our public education system and keep the profit motive out of charter schools by strengthening the authorizing process to respond to the needs of local communities and converting schools from being run by for-profit operators to nonprofit operators.

  • We must create a Michigan where every student, no matter what zip code they live in, has the chance to attend an excellent school with all the resources it needs. As governor, I will work to eliminate the funding gap across school districts and ensure that local districts have the capital they need to fully fund schools, support teachers, and educate students.

  • We will build a higher education system that supports both college and vocational education. Our higher education system must prepare our youth to thrive – no matter what path they choose — while eliminating barriers to social mobility. That is why our MI Scholar Grant will provide a tuition-free, debt-free education for all Michiganders earning less than $150,000 annually, whether they attend community college, a public university, or a certificate program.

  • Children learn best before age five. 5. That is why I will expand access to safe, high-quality childcare and pre-K through my MIToddler plan.

  • In order to truly make every student college- and career-ready, we must ensure that children are physically and mentally healthy and that we have highly trained adults who can care for the health and social needs of every child in school. We will reallocate funds to expand childhood health and wellness screening services in schools, including expanding access to mental health care and hiring more counselors and social workers.

  • I will rebuild our crumbling school infrastructure through a Michigan School Infrastructure Bank that would use a statewide millage to eliminate districts’ existing school facilities debt and fund grants for infrastructure improvements, infusing districts with the capital they need to make long-lasting improvements without forcing them to take on more debt.

  • I will invest $150 million into our educators – $75 million to increase salaries and $75 million to invest in professional development and teacher training programs – and partner with teachers to reshape Michigan’s education policy by creating the Michigan Education Leadership Council.


Healthcare for All

Like many of you, I watched in shock and horror as Governor Snyder and his army of accountants poisoned thousands of kids in Flint. But Flint is just the worst example of a public health system that is simply not working for all Michiganders. As a doctor and public health professional, I have spent my life working on these problems. Here’s what I will do:

  • The responsibility of providing healthcare for employees drags our businesses down and leaves too many of our people without the care they deserve. Single-payer healthcare is a commitment that we must make if we want to be a state that empowers and cares for its people. Our state must ensure that Michiganders have access to healthcare without worries, whether those worries are about premiums, coverage, or the fate of Obamacare. That is why my administration will fight for MichCare, a robust state-level single-payer program that provides affordable, quality healthcare to every Michigander. 

  • We must address the public health crisis that is opioid addiction immediately by rebuilding local mental health care systems to address the root causes of addiction, holding providers accountable, establishing a statewide drug take-back program and increasing the availability of Naloxone.

  • Public health services across the state are severely underfunded, and as a result many residents struggle with preventable diseases, even when they are insured. We must strengthen our public health systems by improving access to healthcare facilities, especially in rural areas, and addressing provider shortages and unfair reimbursement rates.

  • Mental health care is an essential to living a healthy life. Improving access to community-based mental health and addiction services is a top priority for me, and it  should be a top priority for our state.

  • I support a woman’s right to choose, and I know firsthand the critical work performed by Planned Parenthood and other women’s health providers. But reproductive justice goes beyond healthcare. That is why I will fight to ensure that these providers not only maintain funding but are connected to resources that can improve their patients’ lives, such as affordable childcare and job-training programs for those who need it.

The Environment

All Michigan residents should have access to clean air, clean water, and a safe environment, regardless of where they live, who they are, or how much they make. We don’t have to look further than the Flint water crisis to appreciate our state’s failure to put an end to abuses by government and corporations. Heavy polluters often place facilities in poor communities and communities of color that do not have the resources to fight their placement, or they promise to benefit communities without following through. I believe:

  • Access to clean water is a fundamental human right. I will fight to guarantee a living standard of clean water – defined as the average amount of water it takes for a family of four to cook, clean, bathe, and drink – for free to all households in Michigan. This will be paid for, in part, by a Clean Water Infrastructure Bank, which will fund state-sponsored repairs and incentivize private sector investment so that we can replace lead service lines, remediate water sources contaminated by chemicals (like PFAS), and end water shutoffs that have plagued places like Detroit.
  • As governor, I will work to immediately shut down Line 5 by revoking the easement with Enbridge and forcing the pipeline to be decommissioned. Additionally, I will work with the state legislature to implement laws that increases state oversight of oil and gas pipelines, implement minimum safety standards and inspection requirements, and prohibit running any future pipelines through the Great Lakes.
  • I will work to protect the health of our Great Lakes by lobbying the federal government to increase funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and by investing the necessary $275 million to prevent the migration of Asian carp into Lake Michigan. 
  • It is not enough to affirm that the science on climate change is real; we need aggressive action. We will work to make Michigan a leader in the transition to a renewable energy economy. I pledge not to approve any new fossil fuel infrastructure and not to take any money from fossil fuel industries. I will also fight to pass the Corporate Polluter Fee and Taxpayer Credit, which puts a price on corporate carbon and gives the money back to Michiganders. 
  • Leveraging the Pure Michigan Infrastructure Bank, I will make targeted investments in renewable energy infrastructure through grants and low-interest loans to support families and companies that  switch from traditional fuels to renewable energy sources. (link to infrastructure plan)
  • While all oil and gas drilling poses risks, high-volume hydraulic fracturing has been shown to have unique and severe risks to the environment and to public health and safety. As governor, I will heed this evidence and prohibit all fracking in Michigan until new and overwhelming evidence is available to demonstrate its safety. I will also order the DEQ to refuse to issue permits for the dangerous Back 40 Mine. 
  • I will fight environmental racism at every turn, just as I did when I partnered with local communities to force Marathon Petroleum to invest money into reducing their emissions in Southwest Detroit. Race is the number one indicator for the placement of toxic facilities in this country, and I will not let corporations continue to poison communities of color any longer.
  • Investing in clean energy will make it possible for Michigan to divest from the polluting economy and invest in the people, infrastructure, and stable, high-quality jobs we need for our state to have a bright future. That means working with the legislature to create a climate that empowers energy independence and electric vehicle expansion and establishing a set of labor policies and programs to make sure that green jobs are good jobs. 

Criminal Justice

Mass incarceration in Michigan has created volatile prison environments that harm prisoners, corrections officers, staff, and communities – particularly urban communities. It also costs our state nearly $2 billion per year, 20 percent of our state’s general fund – the same fund that pays for health care, higher education, and economic development. Yet prison is only part of the problem; too many marginalized communities have fallen victim to a pattern of violence and discrimination by police and the courts.

It is time for our commitment to liberty and justice for all to be more than an empty promise. As governor, I will focus on:

  • Repealing truth-in-sentencing laws that contribute to Michigan having some of the longest sentences in the country, and reducing the prison population through presumptive parole and other reforms to streamline the parole process.

  • Raising the age of adult prosecution from 17 to 18 for all felony offenses. Our children belong in schools, not jails.

  • Reforming prison conditions by improving access to treatment and rehabilitative programs, reducing the use of solitary confinement, and instituting trauma-informed training for prison staff.

  • Supporting our public defenders so that all Michiganders receive their constitutional right to legal counsel.

  • Creating an Office of Reentry Support to help returning citizens successfully transition back into their communities.

  • Working to change the distrust that many communities have for law enforcement. Beginning with strategies to diversify our police forces, provide additional training and support for officers, and improving access to body camera programs, I will do everything in my power to aggressively curb police violence and to ensure fair treatment for all.

  • Combatting discrimination against people with criminal records by introducing legislation to “ban the box” on applications for jobs and housing. If someone has served their time, a criminal record should not prevent them from providing for their families or contributing to Michigan.

  • Abolishing cash bail and pretrial detention, because justice shouldn’t be dependent on how much money you have.

  • Prioritizing alternatives to incarceration for drug-related offenses because incarceration -- no matter how long or how harsh -- cannot cure someone of their addiction. As a doctor, epidemiologist, and former Detroit Health Department director, I understand that people struggling with substance abuse need treatment, not handcuffs.

Gun Safety

As a new father, I’m learning it’s normal to worry about your child. But when you send them off to school, you shouldn’t have to worry they will fall victim to gun violence. Unfortunately, that is now all too common in America, from places like Aurora to Kalamazoo and Parkland. But mass shootings are only part of the problem. In Detroit, where I was health commissioner, homicide is the most common cause of death among young men aged 12-35. Gun violence is a national epidemic, and it is time to treat it as the public health issue it is. Here are my commitments to make Michigan a safer and more responsible state:

  • Prohibit the sale or possession of “weapons of war” – meaning any assault weapons not meant for hunting or sport – large-capacity magazines, and any modifiers that increase firing rate. These things are meant for one thing: killing people during combat. For that reason, all should be banned from sale in Michigan.

  • Close background check loopholes. Currently, Michigan law does not require background checks for sales at gun show and sales by private sellers, and for the sale of firearms other than handguns. As governor, I will support background checks for all gun sales, including the sale of long guns.

  • Prohibit individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from possessing or purchasing firearms, as well as require courts to notify individuals convicted of domestic abuse that they are no longer allowed to possess ammunition or firearms. The presence of a firearm in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that a woman will be murdered.

  • Reintroduce discretion into the concealed pistol permit process so that communities again have the ability to oversee who can carry a concealed weapon, as well as implement a “red flag law,” which would allow family members and law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily restrict or remove access to guns when a person poses a danger to themselves or others.

  • Prohibit the open carrying of firearms in public buildings and registered private establishments. Business owners deserve the right to have a say whether or not their customers may carry a gun openly, and under my new system business owners could enter their establishments into a state registry if they do not wish to allow open carry.

  • Prohibit the carrying of any gun on school grounds.

Support and Care for our Elders

I believe that we must support and care for our elders as they have supported and cared for us. That is why I will:

  • Repeal the harmful Snyder pension tax.
  • Work to lower auto insurance rates through his Reverse the Rates plan.

  • Lower the cost of utilities by providing a free “living standard” of water and increasing state support for energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Fight for affordable housing for seniors in urban and rural communities.

  • Provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision, and dental care through MichCare for all seniors enrolled in Medicare.

Women’s Rights

Women face discrimination because of their gender, particularly when it comes to pay. But the wage gap is not the only thing holding women back in Michigan. Access to comprehensive healthcare, a lack of policies that actively encourage both family and work, and the failure to comprehensively address sexual and physical assault all contribute to a state where women are treated as second-class citizens. Michigan is better than that. I will champion policies that empower women, which would benefit our state. These policies will include:

  • Passing equal pay legislation to close the wage gap.

  • Supporting universal paid sick and parental leave and robust financial support for childcare, so that Michigan values, rather than punishes, the work women do to care for their families.

  • Investing in programs that connect women to good-paying careers in nontraditional fields – like construction and clean energy  – and increasing pay in sectors dominated by women, whenever and wherever possible.

  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose by providing continued financial support for healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood. Women should have unfettered access to safe abortion services, to the full range of contraceptive options, and to quality prenatal care. Women should make the decisions regarding family planning, not the government.

  • Opposing any and all family separation policies from the federal government. Families deserve to be protected, not ripped apart.
Standing up for LGBTQ+ Rights

A comprehensive definition of civil rights must include gender identity and sexual orientation. LGBTQ Michiganders have historically been left out of civil rights legislation, and it is long past time for change. Over 30 municipalities in Michigan already have human rights ordinances that protect individuals from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity; these ordinances focus on the employment, healthcare, and housing protections, and we should institute the same protections statewide. That why I will:

  • Push to amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for gender identity and sexual orientation and put in place enforcement mechanisms to punish those who discriminate when it comes to housing, education, employment, and access to public accommodation and services.

  • Fight for LGBTQ-informed healthcare and healthcare protections such as LGBTQ non-discrimination protection in ACA exchanges.

  • Repeal HIV/AIDS criminalization laws and the exclusion of transgender Michiganders from state Medicaid.

  • Help defend LGBTQ youth through policies to address LGBTQ youth homelessness and bullying.


Auto Insurance

Everyone deserves comprehensive car insurance that is not a financial burden, but Michiganders pay the highest auto insurance rates in the country. We have to find a way to reduce premiums while still ensuring that all drivers have access to the best medical care available if they are hurt in an auto accident. To address Michigan’s failing auto insurance system, we will do the following: 

  • End redlining. Auto insurers should not be allowed to charge different rates based on where people live, employment status, education level, profession, or credit score.

  • Create a Truth in Insurance Commission that will act as a liaison between the state, insurers, and the public and ensure that insurance companies are being transparent and accountable when it comes to setting rates.

  • Require the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) to disclose any information regarding premium dollars collected versus payouts on claims so that Michiganders know where their money is going.

  • Reduce medical costs by pursuing comprehensive healthcare reform through Michcare, our plan for Medicare for All here in Michigan.

  • Eliminate abuses by hospitals and lawyers by passing an Auto Victim’s Privacy Protection Plan that permanently restricts access to accident reports and victims’ personal information and prohibits direct-mail solicitation.

  • The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA)  has over $18 billion in assets, but they have not opened their books up to the state in years. I will require the (MCCA) to submit to a full financial audit and to publish all of its financial and rate-making data annually, in print and online.

Clean Government

Michigan has one of the least accountable and least transparent governments in the country. Michiganders deserve a government they can trust, but approval ratings for state government are at an all-time low. We need accountability and transparency in Lansing to ensure that the will of the people takes priority over the interests of corporations and lobbyists.  That starts with:

  • Getting the money out of politics through aggressive campaign finance reform like repealing “Citizens United on Steroids” and re-imposing limits on campaign finance contributions.

  • Eliminating independent expenditures by Super PACs and vastly reducing individual and Political Action Committee contribution limits for state executive and legislative races.

  • Fighting gerrymandering by supporting an independent and bipartisan redistricting committee to protect every person’s right to an equal vote.

  • Making sure that all Michiganders have a chance for their voices to be heard at the ballot box by automatically registering applicants with a Michigan ID to vote and promoting no-reason absentee voting and an expansion of early voting.

  • Hold politicians accountable by subjecting the Senate and the governor’s office to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and mandating disclosures of personal and familial financial interests for all elected officials in state and local offices.
Marijuana Legalization

I support the 2018 ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Michigan and establish a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol. I also support efforts to ensure that Michigan’s adult-use cannabis industry is oriented to small businesses and accessible to people of color and other communities disproportionately affected by the failed War on Drugs. That is why as governor, I will:

  • Initiate a thorough review of the capitalization requirements proposed by the Licensing Board to ensure that costs accurately reflect the money needed to operate and do not lock out small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Appoint members to the Licensing Board who represent small businesses and communities of color.

  • Launch a state-funded incubator for cannabis entrepreneurs of color and those in rural communities and leverage state funding to provide access to capital.

  • Work with the AG to protect cannabusinesses and users from undue intervention from local and state law enforcement.

  • Pardon and commute sentences for individuals convicted of marijuana-related crimes.

Racial Equity

Too many Michiganders have been excluded from equal rights and treatment under the laws of our state because of the color of their skin. As an Egyptian-American, I know what that can feel like. But I also know that Michigan’s strength comes from the diversity of its people. We must unite as Michiganders and dismantle the barriers to equity if we hope to face the challenges that lie ahead. That is why I support:

  • Comprehensive school discipline reform, from promoting trauma-informed interventions among building-level staff use to reducing the disproportionate impact of suspensions and expulsions on students of color.

  • Increasing access to capital for communities of color through policies to support small businesses, invest in new entrepreneurs, and ensure that workers get a fair treatment.

  • Fighting environmental racism at every turn, just as I did when I partnered with local communities to force Marathon Petroleum to invest money into ring their emissions in Southwest Detroit. Race is the number one indicator for the placement of toxic facilities in this country, and I will not let corporations continue to poison communities of color any longer.

  • Combatting voter suppression by supporting independent redistricting and making it easier to vote through automatic voter registration, expanded early voting and no-reason absentee voting, and repealing harsh voter ID laws.

  • Comprehensive criminal justice reform, from increasing public oversight of police to ensuring that returning citizens have the support they need to successfully transition back into their communities.  

  • Legislation to make Michigan safe for immigrants – regardless of documentation status – while pressuring the federal government to abolish ICE and replace it with compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform.

Rural Issues

I come from a family with deep rural Michigan roots. Jackie, my stepmother who raised me, grew up in Gratiot County where her family had a farm for generations until it was recently sold. Family farms like my family’s are being pushed out of Michigan as corporations corner more and more of the agricultural market. Our rural communities are suffering, whether it is from the loss of farms, the loss of jobs, or the lack of access to the things that families need to flourish – like high speed internet and affordable housing. Rural Michiganders deserve to work without fear of corporate takeover, and have the good roads, schools, healthcare, and internet their communities need to thrive.

  • Protect Michigan’s 33,000 family farms by supporting small farms’ ability to access markets and helping them navigate and succeed in the regulatory landscape. Farmers should not have to choose between continuing to operate their farm and being able to provide for their families.

  • Consolidation is bad for farmers and rural communities because it drives up inequality and concentrates wealth and power in the hands of just a few people. The El-Sayed administratio will encourage fair competition and fight monopolies by providing dedicated funding to the Attorney General’s office to pursue anti-trust enforcement.

  • Encourage new farmers by supporting education and apprenticeship programs that connect young people to agricultural professions.

  • Ensure that rural schools are funded adequately and according to their unique challenges – like high transportation costs – and that children in rural communities have access to high quality early childhood education. (link to education agenda)

  • Support the seasonal workers who make Michigan’s tourism industry possible by making unemployment benefits more reliable and connecting them to jobs in their communities during the off-season.

  • Strengthen and protect indigenous communities by recognizing their sovereignty, respecting treaties between tribes and the state, and funding efforts to investigate cases of missing indigenous men, women, and children.

  • Protect rural health centers and attract more providers through targeted reimbursement rates and increased access to telehealth capabilities.


Urban Issues

We cannot stand by while Michigan cities fall into decay and disrepair. Urban Michiganders deserve access to good jobs that pay a living wage, a good roof over their heads, clean air in their, lungs and clean water in their cups. They also deserve law enforcement that empowers their communities and access to basic services like affordable car insurance and public transit. Cities can be the engine of economic growth here in Michigan, but our state must empower them to be fulfill that role. I will stand up for our cities by:

  • Fighting for affordable housing for all Michiganders by ending predatory foreclosures by empowering renters, reforming the property foreclosure system, and supporting efforts to equitably develop vacant and abandoned properties.
  • Investing in the small businesses that provide many of Michigan’s jobs by conducting reviews of industry and supporting initiatives that provide local entrepreneurs with the opportunities and support they need to fill gaps in the market.

  • Repealing the Transformational Brownfields Plan (TBP) and instead investing in economic incentives that responsibly redevelop vacant properties for communities.

  • Developing new sources of funding for public transit through a Transit Infrastructure Bank. The bank will be responsible for both maintaining and expanding existing bus routes and for building the type of robust public transit systems our cities need to compete in today’s economy.

  • Repealing the emergency manager law that lead to the Flint water crisis and restoring revenue sharing across our state.

  • Addressing the workforce challenges that urban areas face by making secondary education affordable and expanding workforce development opportunities.

Funding Quality Infrastructure

We have to invest in the infrastructure that Michiganders need to move themselves and their ideas. Today, 29 percent of roads and 37 percent of bridges statewide don’t meet basic requirements, and over one million Michiganders do not have Internet that meets FCC standards. We need a 21st century infrastructure plan that will help our economy grow. That means fixing our roads and bridges, investing in rapid regional transit and public transit, and building access to broadband and high speed internet statewide. I will bring Michigan’s infrastructure into the future by:

  • Repairing our roads and schools by capitalizing a multi-sector infrastructure bank –  the Pure Michigan Bank – to ensure that we can build the Michigan of the future, even as we face the funding restrictions of the past. 

  • Funding large-scale public transit projects to connect people and businesses through a partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

  • Financing an overhaul of our water infrastructure, starting with full lead pipe replacement and upgraded stormwater management systems.

  • Investing in clean energy infrastructure through a greener cities initiative, low-interest energy efficiency loans for homeowners and business owners, large-scale expansion of recycling infrastructure, and concentrated investments in renewable energy.

  • Championing proactive electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle policy that goes beyond fuel economy standards and prepares Michigan’s automotive sector for a rapidly changing transit market.

  • Working with internet service providers, municipalities, and telecommunications utilities to ensure statewide access to quality high-speed internet through our MI-Fi initiative.

  • Fighting against attacks on net neutrality, so corporations are never allowed to buy our democracy and stop the free flow of ideas on the internet.

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